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  • Name: KW-1 Wah/Volume

The difference of the black and purple pedal is that the function of the footswitch and the selector switch is exchanged.The footswitch of the Purple KW-1 controls the different modes selection.So it is more convenient to select modes when performance.

Footswitch:Controls the different modes selection

Wah mode(LED light on):This mode is used as a wah pedal.

Volume mode(LED light off):This mode is used as a volume pedal.

Selector switch(on the right side):Contronls the power on/off

"DC IN":9V DC adapter(center negative)


1.True bypass design

2.Convenient carry size

3.2 in 1 pedal(VOL/WAH)

4.The tone of WAH mode is base on the original CryBaby

5.Active volume mode to keep lossless tone


Current consumption:Max 15mA


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