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  • Name: FC-33 Guitar Capo

This is an innovative capo, in which we have created a new mechanical structure at the same time also joined a number of beneficial to enhance capo quality and performance details. In the use of it when you can get a better experience, while the tone performance is also more stable and reliable

Core Features:
1 integrated curve design simple and elegant, with scientific mechanics innovative design of the power unit.
2 clever control handle and torque optimization design, and now you can only use two fingers to open the capo --- easy and elegant.
3 adaptive fit the string balance force wheel design, will automatically adjust on the guitar to get balanced clamping of each string.
4 intimate positioning design prevent rub the strings, different from previously capo's drawbacks, keep each string to maintain a straight state.

Function parameter:
1 product applicable: folk guitar
2, the maximum operating strength of the product: ≤ 10 pounds
3 Power unit: high strength anti-fatigue spring
4 Material: aluminum alloy + high strength engineering materials (PC + ABS) + steel + silicone
5 Weight: about 60 grams
6 FC-33 comes along with a 3-thickness picks together.

American patent No.:15659074

China patent No.:201710475765.4

Appearance patent No.:201730283068.X


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